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Entrance to Junta de los Rios.
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The Junta de los Rios, north of Almuñecar on the Costa Tropical

When you are tired of the beach or would just like to see more of the area´s natural beauty, why not take a trip out to La Junta de los Rios, the river junction? Situated in the mountains to the north of Almuñecar this trip is highly recommended for adults and children. From Almuñecar you take the old Granada road past Jete and Otivar and about 7 kilometers north of Jete, on the left hand side of the road you will see a yellow Kiosk, which marks the entrance to the park. The tour described here takes between 3 and 4 hours depending on how fit you are and how leisurely you take it.

The journey is best taken in a car but you can take a bus and ask the driver to stop at the kiosk. From the kiosk it takes approximately 15 minutes in a 4x4 to reach the mouth of the gorge and the junction of the rivers. In normal weather it is easily accessible by saloon car.

On reaching the level of the river bed, drive about one kilometre further and parking is available in the vicinity of an old sawmill and a generator shed. Here you will find a dam, which marks the junction of the two rivers, the largest of which is the Rio Seco. You can enjoy the rock pools at the bottom of the gorge but to really experience the beauty of the area a good walk is recommended. Footwear is a must as you will have to cross the river and get your feet wet. After about 500 metres along the river bed you will reach the first suspension bridge (see photo).



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The path follows the river but occasional steep climbs are necessary and this section of the tour is not recommended for the elderly or unfit. It is best to undertake the walk in the morning in summer, as the heat is far less - the views, however, are breathtaking, and even in August there is plenty of water and all the colours of nature.

After about 1.5 hours of walking you will reach the end of the gorge where a large waterfall and a beautiful natural swimming pool is located. Time to cool off and enjoy a swim.


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For the very brave and adventurous it is possible to make the return journey directly down the river. Several exhilarating waterfall jumps are involved, some over ten metres in height. Be warned, once you start back on this route there is no other way down. Our kids had great fun but it was exhausting and, on returning home, went straight to bed.


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A gorgeous valley, turquoise waters,... ... crystal clear, with jumps of waterfalls